Saturday, December 3, 2016

Going Home Final.

On the doorknob to Evan's closet is the brown going home outfit. The one Maelee was supposed to wear but didn't get to. My mom embroidered her name on it and we all hated it was empty. When Eli came to be, we rejoiced in getting to put his name on it and bring him home from the hospital in it.
Eli in the outfit. April 29 2011.
And then again when we carried Annalee into Grandma and Grandpa's home (our temp home at that time). And it was sweet having Maelee's name in pink, Eli's in blue, Annalee's in yellow. And even though I thought we were done, we got another babe to add to it all. Evan wore it in June home from the hospital. A tribute to her all tied up with a wee bit of snarkiness "damn it, I will be worn."

So it's been hanging there and I keep thinking I ought to get a few photos of it worn while we still have a baby to fit into it! And our little five-and-a-half-month sweetie is a big 'en already so it had to be done (ideally months ago). But we squished him in it yesterday as a last tribute to this special going-home outfit that perhaps my grandkids will wear someday!!?

Dear me, he is something.

And the sister on earth found this white dress given to us and she has fallen in love with it, wearing it and prancing and dancing and singing and... praying in it! No idea why, but she has broken out in thankful prayers the few times she wore it. By chance I snuck a photo of her at the right moment and it's preciousness all in its own right.

These redemptive moments are treasured deep in my mama heart.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

First Toof.

Evan's first tooth popped yesterday. I've known for about a week one was coming, guess I'm better at knowing stuff the third time around. Here's the only pic I took of just him yesterday, this "maybe gnawing on a carrot will make him happy"

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


On the drive after school today:
Me: "How was school today? Anything different happen?"
Eli: "We had a hearing test."
Me: "Oh, how did that go?"
Eli: "What?"

Last week, Eli was thrilled to see his name in hELIcopter! He's doing great finding his "sight words" from school and it is SO enjoyable seeing him beginning to read.

He also asked me the other day for some "graham crappers" - and I didn't correct him!!

Annalee is interpreting bigger words and skewing them. The other day I was brushing her hair and she said "get the rectangles out!" She's awesome. She's also doing super at potty training. I knew it'd be easier if we waited until she was ready. Looking forward to only one little babe in diapers.


Monday, November 14, 2016

5 Months ELK.

Our littlest is five months old today. He is a joy. I have often contemplated how different his life is compared to Eli's life the first year when I was home with just him still raw grieving our firstborn in our small house in South Carolina with no family around but many dear friends. So different. He has less attention by me, so much more noise and interaction, more little hands and faces all over him, less of focused Daddy time, more extended family time, less photos and all around recording of his every move. But LOVED just the same.

In his first few months, I just wanted Evan to get a good latch. He has. He did it! That's pretty great, friends. He also takes a bottle, even sporadically. That's amazing! I can say now my battle with him is sleep. He has this yucky cold (clearly he is exposed to more germs) that causes him to have snot and a yucky post-nasal drip cough. I don't recall the big kids coughing this young. It's nothing severe (let's hope it doesn't develop into anything severe) but I've been spoiling him, nursing him when he wakes up at night. Sometimes this is three, four times. I am exhausted. And totally, utterly creating a monster. As soon as this dumb cold is gone, the poor boy may have some rough crying-it-out moments. We'll get there. Someday I will be rested again. Someday I will leap out of bed in the morning ready to start the day.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Probably not. I am not a morning person.

On to other Evanisms.

Update: he was 18lbs 9ozs and 25.5 inches on 11/16

He started rolling over last week from his back to his tummy. He then gets pretty tired and upset because he doesn't like tummy time.

He sucks on his mouth/lips/tongue to get to sleep. He chews and spits out the binkie, preferring his own mouth. It's pretty cute and I think probably he's just thinking he's nursing.

He also likes to clutch blankies or soft things and bring them near his face to sleep. Not ideal for breathing but pretty adorable.

He screeches and yells, especially in the early evening if he's laying on the floor by himself. It happens when he is just getting sleepy and feels like he needs to be a part of whatever else is going on. Super loud too!

He is well on his way to six month size and even nine month size clothes. Not sure his weight but I'd say around 18 pounds. And he is not made for skinny jeans. I can't get them on him. And they are most likely too long. I get this, son. Me issues es su issues.

He has a great giggle. He is ticklish under his neck, on his thighs and tummy. He likes when I put my head on his belly. Adorable.

Photos captured today:

The tongue!

Precious Boy.
And Evan's look is exactly what I look like when trying to exercise:

Crunches? Toe Touches? No thank you.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Beast Is Back.

The Beast has come back for another round of baby:

WHAT THE FOX SAY?! (a fav song of the siblings)


Evan rolled over numerous times this afternoon on grandma's floor. Milestone check!

I was too busy to get a photo, but here's one of him smiling at the birthday girl yesterday! Happy Birthday Auntie Amy!

Sunday, November 6, 2016


I saw a deal on photo cards today and hours later I had the photos taken and Christmas cards ordered. I had no plans to do that today but I hadn't decided if we were doing professional photos yet (wanted to wait until Evan was six months old but then the weather is too cold for outside photos, plus indecisive about a photographer, and cost etc)... so I decided I'll just take individual photos of each kiddo (because all three together seems like way too much work). Picked out some outfits and since it was amazingly beautiful outside (can I get a hallelujah!), snapped away. Nothing overly fantastic but free!
Happy Baby Blues

-mom with a camera

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lion, Tiger, Bear.

One friend thought this was a baby announcement. It is NOT. Greg is the oh my! He was supposed to wear it but this was last minute, too busy working on the tiger. The lion is a friend's costume she made. The bear was given to cousin Ali when she was a baby from my Grandma Doris (making it extra special). So naturally I had to make the tiger and the results were melt yourself cute. Too bad I didn't get better pics! Glad Eli was on board for a themed costume with his siblings. Read: he didn't even request Star Wars!

The big two had fun at daddy's office, then supper with Grandma before they went around our neighborhood for a bit. They got plenty of candy. I am not a huge fan of Halloween but loved it as a kid. Obviously! It's a holiday made for kids. Sugar!!!!!
just three and a dad

Tiger Princess!

So come on over, I have chocolate that needs a home that is not our bellies.