Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Whelp! Hello Again Blog!

Evan is in such a sweet, fun stage as far as little lives go and I keep lamenting that I'm not recording it in words as I should. Or as I have done with Eli especially (and somewhat with Annalee). And I was about to start a Word document for all this but I know I did do some on this here neglected blog. Eventually I ought to figure out how to get it off here but as it stands, there is a lot of us on the internet for all the crazies to find (but also for me to find if we have a fire and lose our laptop and external hard drive and all that). So here goes some serious mother-only-loved recording tidbits of Evan and hopefully I can get Eli and Annalee written up too because as they say, the days are long but the years are short.

EVAN, 22 months plus 10 days ;)

  • Sweet boy is learning to talk. He started out with us for first words (mama, dada, eli) and that as blossomed into a very clear Daddy, Mommy, Eli. Awhile back I realized that he never says Annalee, he would just call her Eli too, but occasionally now he tries and when asked he'll repeat Annie somewhat. He has been saying "what Chewbacca says" for months now and that's hilarious. Other often used words include: Puppy, WaWa (water), Ball, Book, More (Maa), Eat, Up, Off, NO, Yes, Bye Bye, Hi, Cheese, Bus (last week we were driving and he saw a bus and said BUS to me, I didn't have to point it out or say it)... man, lots more. His babble has turned into actual words more of the time. This last week he has started saying Bruce and Jodi, our next door neighbors, and oh dear is that cute. He says lots of other words on command "Evan can you say ____" and half the time you can hear the right word. 
  • He's still so short so when he runs it's like a somewhat really fast waddle move. 
  • Evan has a good arm. Throws a ball quite well for his age and LOVES all balls. Just loves throwing and kicking a ball. 
  • He likes duplo legos and building things. He also plays well with the magnet magformers. He sometimes puts tiny legos in his mouth but rarely. He likes to point a nerf gun already and spent a few weeks awhile back bringing me one to ready for him to shoot. The last few weeks he's really been into matchbox cars, lining them up and making them go.
  • Evan loves bath time. He stomps around in the water, plays with the fake bugs and other bath toys and generally has a great time in there. 
  • Evan doesn't like to miss out. Tuesdays and Fridays Annalee has school and half the time Daddy brings her after bringing Eli meaning we are left alone together and HE SCREAMS SO LOUD to want to go with them. Another word he says often lately is "Side" meaning "Outside!!!!".
  • He doesn't get much TV time (it goes in spurts, currently we are on a hasn't seen TV in a week or so) but sometimes I'll turn it on. He's gotten opinionated though so if he doesn't like the show, he'll just look at me and say "No" and except a change. He does better with no TV time. He will whine at me to watch it and look at the remote or grab it for me  and say "Teee" over and over. He likes Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street and Clifford and the snippets from church I sometimes play. Since I just turn on PBS mostly, he doesn't get many options. 
  • This boy has great facial expressions! He can frown and pout and contimplate and scowl with the best of them. It's hilarious. His browline has something to do with it all probably. He can also do THE BEST "Surprise" face where he puts his mouth in an "o" - y'all really ought to see that. 
  • He's wearing 12-18 month pants, a few 24 months but they are probably too long. And 18-24 months/2T shirts. He's darn adorable. He loves his Crocs I got him in AZ because he can put them on himself. 
  • Today at the park he said "Hi!" to some people, no prompting from me. I see him a bit more wild and extroverted than the other two but still somewhat cautious. He still tries to push the limits a bit more but is not all insanity.
  • Evan has started loving books probably since Christmas or so. He will flip through them and "read" and do this for long stretches. He started with the photo books, just loves those, but now it's other books. We're Going On A Bear Hunt was a big one in February. Dr. Suess was big for awhile too. Now it's Star Wars books because he moved on a bit from board books. CARS and random tiny books he loves too. 
  • Bedtime is 7:45ish these days. He'll get jammies, brush teeth (which he hates and it's us forcing it for as long as we can endure), stories and then blankie and a stuffed animal with him on his pillow still in his crib. Blankie "bbbaa" is his comfort for sure. He "eats" it more than the other kids ever did so that'll probably be a habit to break. He has been sleeping through the night mostly since the fall and wakes up 7:15-8:15. His parents just love this schedule. 
  • He sleeps on his stomach most often, with his bum in the air sometimes. Also side sleeps with blankie tucked in there. For naps I get to see his little sleep positions and often it makes this mama heart flip and do "awww". He still naps around 1ish until we go get Eli. Some days he takes longer to get to sleep and others he sleeps longer but it's still a norm thankfully.
  • Eating habits: he's probably the worst eater of the three and I'm probably more lenient. He doesn't like many veggies and he's terrible at spitting out what he doesn't want. He likes carbs. He really likes sausage. For awhile there Grandma had to make double link sausage at brunch. He likes some fruits but like with veggies, a bit of a texture thing. He loves his cereal in the morning (true Kasowski) and will eat many bowls of Crispix, his absolute favorite. Slowly branching out here. 
  • Evan is not a snuggler. He will maybe give a hug in the morning or post nap for a bit but rarely snuggles up to us for any length of time. He does if we happen to rock him to sleep or hold him in the middle of the night though. 
  • He's been quite healthy. A few snotty noses, a few fevers, a cough occasionally this last year but nothing worrisome, praise be. 
  • He picks out green bowls if given a choice. Annalee maybe convinced him that's his favorite color and willed it so.
  • He totally copies his siblings. 
  • He is learning to share. He'll scream SO loud but often gives one of his siblings whatever they are fighting over. 
  • On our trip driving up to SC from FL a few weeks ago, he learned to scream so dang loud, he would ball up his fists and yell. Dear me, it was terrible. He has also done this a few times since then. He doesn't love his car seat very much. Sometimes picking up Eli requires my full weight against his plank and refusal.
  • He enjoys Grandpa maybe a bit more than Grandma, though the love of driving up to their house is evident. He runs in and grins and recently has figured out exactly where the snacks are...
  • Evan whines at least five times a day for snack and he also figured out where our snack drawer is and will grab granola bars out of there and bring them to me wherever I am and POUT like no other. This invariably happens at 4:50 every day. I don't give in and I ought to hide them. 
  • He loves dogs. If he sees one, he will most likely go very close to it and if it's friendly, will try pet it. Puppeeee!!! I don't really get it but it's fun and cute and now I point out dogs to him as something to do.
  • Gratefully, he goes to nursery at church or mops usually really well and if he fusses, only for a few minutes. Seems well adjusted that way.
  • Evan would watch videos on my phone all day if I let him. He's always trying to "See" if he hears me watching something. And in the rare chance, I'll get him on Snapchat and he won't let anyone else near the phone. 
  • My favorite moments are going to get him when he wakes up and I say "Eveeee" and he's in a great mood and ready to be lifted out of his crib. This morning he talked to himself for a really long time before I went in there. The only word I could make out was Eli and I'm sure it was an epic story.
  • Evie is his nickname more than any other. But we mostly call him Evan. Rarely the Evan Bevan comes back. Eli will make up words for him still like "baby goo". Annalee likes bossing him around as a fake name she changes every day. 
  • One "game" we play in the car is "Did we forget anybody?" so we call out each person. Evan caught on so now he'll point and say "Dad-dee? Mom-mee? Elyi? Elyi (or maybe Ann-nee)?" and then he points to himself and says "Me" which often sounds like "Nee" - all with a bit of a goofy grin.
  • He can tell me sometimes poop if I don't happen to smell it or if I ask. He's quite regular. And dare I say he can potty train before three?? Not getting my hopes up and I do appreciate the other two doing it so quickly and easily since they were so ready.
  • Evan dancing is legs wide, a swaying type motion, that is so darn hilariously cute, you have to see it. 
  • Since the other two color often, Evan has gotten more into marker messes than the other two ever did. He will sometimes color himself (awhile back we had a stretch of eating markers) but that is happening less and less and he is more and more just coloring paper, which is a win. 
  • Uncle Chris bought him a little orange bug rider thing. He'll sit on it and push his legs and really go quite fast around the kitchen island, to the front door. He loves that. 
Pretty soon this sweetheart will be two. I'm really enjoying this stage now, as he's really opening up to all he can do. It's not without it's moments, but overall we find so much JOY in this dear boy.

-Evan's Mom

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Golden Girl.

Annalee turned four on October 4th. Her golden birthday. We have been planning her golden bash for almost a year, slowly gathering up good deals of golden. And her friend party was spectacular, full of excessive golden details I can't contain. Her family party was at Grandmas and delicious and laid back and fun and just enough golden to round out her week of celebrations. Plus both sets of her grandparents were there so that was specialness all in its own.

Some stories and tidbits to remember her in this stage...

  • Annalee is a darling. Sweet and goofy and quiet and smart and really delightful. 
  • The other day after picking up Eli from school, I was holding Evan and the Annalee and Eli were walking to the van. A lady rolled down her window to mention to us "That is the cutest kid I have ever seen. And I have three kids!" Annalee is consistently commented on when we are out. She's adorable and the hair just tops it all off. She seems to take it all in stride but of course I worry it's going to make her a bit full of herself!
  • She's responsible. A few weeks ago I looked over and here she was, emptying the trash bin from their room that was overflowing into the larger trash in the kitchen. I didn't ask her to do it, she's never done this chore before. It was something she saw needed to be done and did it! WHAT!!?? She's often cleaning their room and tidying up a bit and oh that makes this mama heart soar!
  • She spent lots of her friend birthday in the corner at the small table with Daddy, or in a room with just one of the friends. She will take a small group over a large one most any day. 
  • She started preschool two mornings a week last month and has done fantastic. She walked right past all the screaming kids and started playing. She will have a hard time actually talking to anyone but she does just fine independently playing. And of course, she's been writing her name for a year and will have no problem learning letters and listening to the teachers. Her first day I got a full report on everything they did (including lining up multiple times), waaaay more than I ever heard from Eli! 
  • Annalee is not one to say words to people she doesn't know. To have her say thank you to a clerk or neighbor, I usually have to settle for a wave. She is shy and hesitant. But if she knows you, then she's alright to talk, mostly. At her well check Monday, she would not talk to the doctor (who's kid goes to her preschool so she knows her somewhat). She points OFTEN instead of using words. And she still breaks out baby talk occasionally. 
  • 1.79% for height. Yep. 
  • This girl loves to sing and talk and teach and dream in front of the bathroom mirror, as she stands there on the stool looking at herself. She goes to the bathroom then washes her hands and that takes a good 20 minutes because of the aforementioned distractions. It's become a thing and I do enjoy hearing her. Plus I usually know where she is. Also LET IT GO. Oi.
  • Coloring and crafts and projects are this girl's dream. She adores getting to do anything creative. I just gave her new markers and a piece of paper and she forgot all about whining to watch Daniel Tiger. 
  • She has started to have an opinion on her clothes. She loves a good A-line or shirt that flips out at the end... giving just enough poof to be dress-like. And if it's too dark or not her jam (like a sweatshirt, hates those) she may just have a meltdown if I try to get her to wear it. 
  • Annalee is a sister to two brothers and she's a great one. Different from Eli in personality but enough so that they get along more often than not. And she tolerates the little boy well, except when he chews her blankie. 
There's more but I better get this posted or it may not happen. LIFE. Just know I'm so amazingly grateful for the gift of a daughter on earth, raising her is a special joy and I'm thrilled. 

-Annalee's mom

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eli is Going to School.

Eli starts first grade on Thursday. I love back to school season but I don't think he's embraced it like I had. He's just going with the flow. Decently excited for school but not overly so, but that also means he's not anxious. He's going to have a big class and I'm hopeful he'll manage all that well, ideally making some solid friends.

He often says the number 155 when coming up with some random scenario. "What if 155 flies came..."

He still smooshes Evan every morning and multiple times a day, getting into his space, calling him goo or a host of other non-name nicknames.

He has grown this summer. The pants that were a tash too big at the end of winter are now perfect.

He likes baseball but would like just being really good without practicing. He also likes running but I'm afraid he may have a bit of exercise induced asthma to contend with down the road. So far very minimal.

He's playing so well with his sister. They are good friends and occasionally enemies. He is her protector and her entertainment and her tormentor. Sharing is hard but good and they like to play together until one of them decides they want "alone time".

He likes legos, especially the dudes, and he is imaginative with scenes for them.

He likes reading and I LOVE TO HEAR HIM READ RANDOM SIGNS and peek in on him reading a book to Annalee or himself out loud.

He listens and remembers. This is mostly good, like how he remembers even obscure Bible stories we tell him and lessons he learns at church. But sometimes his remembering isn't ideal for me!

He's content with home life. He doesn't need to be going and going and going. He likes to be entertained by a screen but I limit that decently well.

He goes to the bathroom without assistance (most times), he brushes his teeth on his own (with our occasional help to make sure he's doing a decent job), often remembers to put his dishes by the sink, and is starting to help out more. I CAN SEE THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT for us!

Yet HE STILL LOOOOOVES quality time with his parents. He loves to snuggle with me and he's a sappy little boy with his mama. He loves any time he gets with Greg doing the little things they love (watching Dude Perfect or legos, or playing monster or reading). He still thinks we are cool and wants to be seen with us.

He is sheltered. He doesn't know about swear words or sex or all the shitty things happening in the world around us. We tell him about the bad, or a lightened version, but he's got no frame of reference for so much of it. We tell him God is in control of everything so hopefully when he begins learning about the bad stuff, he will be able to see it from the worldview and perspective we are teaching him.

He's all about the star wars, though we try tone it down so it's not all consuming his little six year old mind.

He is still the snack monster and is well aware when 10 and 3 hit and he can indulge in yogurt or crackers or fruit or toast or cookies or if I'm feeling it, fruit snacks.

Eli Joe, I love you. You are a joy, a sweet spirited son. I'm amazed I get to be your mom!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yellow and Blue and White together works.

For my mom's birthday this year we got her a photo shoot! We were planning a Memorial Weekend in Fargo, a sort of meet in the middle deal, and this came together too. Never perfect but we have a handful of images together that are forever special. Plus Evan can be represented on Grammy's wall!


He's always making us laugh. Always cracking jokes. LOVE HIM. 

Isn't this fun? So North Dakotan. 

All redheads, these adorable kids. 
Happy Birthday Grammy! So glad this worked out and the yellow+blue+white+gray thing turned out well!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Evan Bevin is ONE!

Happy Birthday baby boy! You surprised us and continue to bless us as the baby in the family. You are starting to grow out of baby status right into being a toddler! You are healthy, minus some nighttime congestion and a few colds this past year, we have been grateful not to deal with tiny-baby-is-sick. You are way attached to your mom, most likely because she doesn't leave you to go to work more than three hours this whole year! You like your dad second best and of course, you are a fan of your big siblings. You like to eat. And when you are hungry, you are not happy. Your favorites are carbs (just like big bro), and fruit and I know you would eat watermelon until you exploded. You are a mediocre sleeper. You stand on your own for bursts of time but minus one tiny step, you have not decided walking is cool. You crawl crazy fast, especially with this "flat tire" crawl where you sort of carry-drag your right leg. You are pulling up on most everything and peeking over, trying to see what you can grab. You recently began hating diaper changes and wanting to flip over but I'm being crazy stubborn and basically using my body weight so you can't and by golly, I think you are learning to stay put while I wipe your bumper. You poop lots every day so I know your digestive system is sure working. You like to wake up and eat around 4/5am but I think you are less into nursing during the day so I'm hoping we will be weaning soon. Problem is you have yet to master a cup, though you do like straws. This week you are super into your tongue and it's sticking out often. You like to say mama and daaa and maybe you say more and night night and bye but very much still baby versions of those that probably only parents swoon over. "He just said Dad!" Isn't that so cute???!" You are in 18 month size clothes but your pants 9-12 month because your legs are quite short and super chunky and for now, it's crazy cute. You are sure growing though! You keep us on our toes because you eat everything. I have fished way way too many items out of your mouth. You have eaten a good bit of crayon. So far you haven't ever choked - praise be to God! You also started chucking items off your high chair if you don't want them. Today I thought you were eating the blueberries but you tossed over half of them behind your head, down your back. I call you "little stinker" often. Also Bubs, Bubba, Boo, Evan Bevin, Baby Boy, Elkie, Bubbee and your siblings are really into Goo, Goobs, Goobee. I think Dad just calls you Evan.

I could/should try write more and make more than one looooong paragraph but mama needs to get stuff cleaned up from your birthday party. Okay? I know you'll understand. I love you, my sweetie.

And your siblings, they adore you too!


Monday, June 12, 2017

Party Round Up.

We celebrated Evan yesterday! A few days early 'cause Wednesday is a hard day for a party! Awhile back I decided we would do a "circle" party theme because he loves balls and I already had everything! It turned out quite adorable! We focused more on inviting family and many couldn't make it but we had Grandma and Grandpa K, the Browns, the Greats (Great Grandparents who came from Buffalo just for the party - how sweet!), and our neighbors Bruce, Jodi and their son Michael, and our further down the street neighbors/friends, Sam and the kids.
The invitation - he cooperated well for our photo shoot. 
My slippers from my costume box and Dad's socks fit the theme.
The birthday boy (with his circle "e" shirt I whipped up an hour before his party thanks to stitch witchery!) and his parents

I found these glasses in my costume box - awesomeness!
Grandma and Grandpa Kasowski AND The Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Kasowski!

Month-by-Month sticker ties (a serious Mom win that I kept that up each month) made such a cute display.
Bouncy balls, bubble rings, and pom-pom crafts for favors

Greg took a pic of some of the food! circle/balls only!
Pea pods = find the circle inside!

Greg took this photo and I think this is how the kids will remember me so I'm including it.
The crown lasted two seconds. Check out the reused "i am 1" from sister!
Much fun!

Our next door Wisconsin neighbors who will watch our kids for us occasionally and we do love them so!
These girls just cared more about playing in the dirt out back!

Opening presents, check out the tongue, a new thing he does!


He REALLY enjoyed smooshing his cupcake in his hands. It took him awhile to taste it, then he was quite thrilled and yelped loudly!
We sure love Great Grandmooother - isn't she a beauty?
Love these generations of Kasowski men.
Cousin Alexia is sure a fun one!
Evan, you are our baby and we have loved having you in our lives this last year. You are a joy, sweet boy.

 -ELK's mama

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Glad in the Yuck.

Eli had one sick day for kindergarten. And it was only a four-hour Wednesday night sickness. That's amazing! He finished school Friday! FIRST grade next fall!

And we had a weekend with the Lipperts and my parents in Fargo. We had family photos taken Sunday morning (on Grammy's birthday, a pretty great gift I think!). We arrived home Monday afternoon.

Tuesday morning Eli threw up and Annalee followed suit and all day today much misery from them, poor kiddos. But how awesome that it happened 1. after school is done 2. after our family weekend 3. in the morning instead of the middle of the night!!!

And so far just those two. Whew! Not the best way to start summer but it really is the "ideal" time to be sick.

I have hopes to create a summer bucket list for us. We had a fun kick off in Fargo... but our kids do not love travelling. Eli on drive whining "my brain isn't thinking what I want it to think" - what?!

Evan is clinging to mommy and daddy very much so. Separation anxiety more than the big siblings ever had. He is hard to understand and keeps us guessing but he's sure precious. Excited for his birthday coming up!

Glad he's healthy today!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Evan Bevin Eleven.

I've taken his photo every day on the 14th, amazingily so! Mother's Day around 6pm I realized it was his day! Thankfully I got 'er done! Only one more on his actual birthday and I can put this all down as a mom win. And he's gosh darn cute, this boy! 11 months of him with us and part of our lives.

He's been a bit fuss fussy this last week. Not sure what's up. A great sleeper, he is not. Yet. He loves to feed himself food (crackers, cheese, cereal, bread, avocados, etc). He puts so many things in his mouth that he shouldn't, thankfully he has only swallowed paper and we've been able to fish other items out. Uffda. He's got four teeth up top and three below, his left lateral incisor is being slow to the party. He is crawling super fast and pulling up, but not standing solo or attempting walking solo yet. He enjoys smooshing his face into his blanket whenever he can. He enjoys dancing to music and he has a sweet giggle that can melt even the hardest of hearts.

Love him! Planning his first birthday to happen in less than a month!

-Evan's Mom